Emergency First Aid At Work - Enhanced (Chemical)

1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work - Enhanced (Chemicals)

The First Aid for Dangerous Substance Incidents course combines first aid and chemical hazard awareness.  This course can be given as a general chemicals course or be specific to the hazards faced by organisations.  This course is a requirement for those handling chemicals (HSE First Aid at Work)

This course is aimed at company first aiders/first responders enabling them to provide vital first aid in the event of an incident involving chemicals.

Aims of the course:

 The course gives you the information on how to provide first aid for chemicals and compliments the First Aid at Work (FAW ) and Emergency Firsty Aid at Work (EFAW) courses.  

Course overview

First Aid for Chemical Exposures training:

Recognise and understand chemical hazards.

Interpret the information on safety data sheets.

Know how chemicals behave when released to be able to determine the most likely routes of exposure.

Understand the effects of chemicals following exposure via ingestion, inhalation and skin/eye contact.

Provide generic first aid following exposure via the different routes.

Identify chemicals that require specialist first aid treatment.

Have the confidence to make a safe response.

The course will also include some hands-on exercises to help develop your skills and understanding.

Who should attend

Those who have completed a FAW or EFAW course, Company First Responders and response teams who use chemicals, or work in an environment where dangerous subtances are handled and would like more information on the type of first aid that can be performed following exposure.


£100 per person+VAT

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