First Aid Level 3 - Acdvanced First Aid

Level 4 – Advanced First Aid


This course is for people working in remote areas and builds on the skills gained at level 2 and 3.

The course also builds confidence in dealing with trauma and advanced techniques.  

Different environmental topics are included in the course such as the effects of altitude sickness.

The advanced first aider will be able to take control of an incident and direct basic first aiders.

Course Outline

Basic Life Support

o Vital Signs

o Blood pressure

o Glasgow Coma Scale

Life Support

o Suction

o Airways

o Oxygen

o Shock management

o Fluid Replacement


o Head

o Spine

o Chest

o Abdomen

o Pelvis

o Soft Tissue

o Eyes

o Facial


o Triage

o Rescue co-ordination

o Casualty Management


Duration – 2 days

Cost - £175

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